Water in A Box™ Still Mineral Water is a non-profit South African product. The innovation behind the packaging is to change the way South Africans consume packaged water.

Water in A Box™ Still Mineral Water sale profits are used to contribute towards providing students access to professional career coaching in underprivileged schools.

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Career Buddy Professional Career Coaching Service is a funded organisation that prepares students to become successful, smart, and well-adjusted adults in a technological world that offers challenge and opportunity in equal measure.

With every purchase of Water In A Box™, the profits contribute towards Career Buddy’s professional career coaching services for children in under-privileged schools.

Empowering disadvantage students from non-fee paying government high schools with quality career guidance and coaching, to jumpstart their careers and enable economic transformation in communities.

It has been estimated that the average person operates at only 65% of his or her potential if not properly hydrated, and this can mean that it is easy for students to loose concentration in the classroom, get distracted, feel lethargic, and generally demotivated.

Providing students access to fresh drinking water as part of our career guidance process in rural schools, we are actively contributing to significantly increasing their concentration, academic performance, and health as a result. Water in a Box™ would like to help make schools a better and happier environment for all.